August 20, 2008
Black BDUs are a Mistake

Black BDUs are a Mistake

Today we have more choices than ever before on the type of camouflage we wear. The problem is that many people are misinformed on what good camouflage is. So consequently people are mislead into buying sub-rate camouflage and never get to fully appreciate what a really good camouflage pattern can do for you. What works well for deer hunting doesn’t work well for evading the ultimate predator, MAN!

Two good rules to follow:

1. No camouflage pattern works every where, or for all season’s.

2. Black works nowhere; black will get you killed….

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Selecting an Assault Rifle

August 16, 2008

Hey Guy’s

I get a lot of questions about which type of assault rifle is best to be armed with in many different survival situations. Something to keep in mind is that no one tool does every job. The fast food mentality does not work with modern military rifles. Fast, light, and cheap is not what you want. No matter how good it sounds now, that very thinking will get you killed somewhere down the line. Last, but most important, bigger is not always better. Let’s look at what we need in a Modern Military Firearm, which I will refer to as an MMF, from now on.

1. Dependability – How well it holds up and functions in many different environments.

2. Accuracy – You need to be realistic when it comes to your expectations here.

3. Capability of the round – Penetration of different type materials and types of rounds you can get i.e. AP, HP, ball.

4. Rearm and repair – How easily you can get replacement parts i.e. (firing pin, extra springs, ammo, magazine’s).

5. Low recoil – This allows you to acquire a new target quicker

6. Multiple set ups – for different tactical situations

7. Ergonomics

8. Weight of the rifle

9. Weight of the ammo

10. Bullet trajectory

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