About Ward’s Survival Blog

I decided to start this site after having to share the same type of information with so many different people. Instead of writing e-mails and making phone calls to one person at a time. I am going to start putting this information up here for everyone to view. Please give me some time for more content as this is a work in progress. I have a family and full time job as well that takes up large amount of my time. If anyone is wanting to know any specific type of skills or information please contact me to let know.

Most of the skill sets here will be presented in the opinion that if you are using these survival skills here you are on the run from an enemy or an illegally occupying government either foreign or domestic. Most places here in the US are no farther than a few hours walk to some small town a road or some ones home. There is very little wilderness left here in the US. The big trick is learning how to survive for long periods of time with out having to rely on outside help or a fire arm that will give you away. Over time I will be putting up information on several subject’s, like camo, snares, flint napping, glue making, Atlatl and atlatl dart making, Hide tanning, edible wild plants, jerking making and the list go’s on and on so check in and be surprised.


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